Eco Caribbean Culture Park

The Eco Caribbean culture park is the newest destination on our island and it’s the result of a twelve year Eco project which consist of a botanical garden of exotic flowers, herbs, fruit and medicine trees, spices and a variety of local bird species in their natural habitat. Such is a large colony of humming birds.
The park also contains the largest assortment of historical artifacts and antiquities from the Payan pre-Colombian culture which thrived on the Island from the 14th century before the Bay Island were discovered by Christopher Columbus on his last and final voyage. The Eco Park also allows visitors to discover the rich history and culture of our outstanding African American descendants immortalized on large semi precious stones.
Our professional tour guides will introduce you all you need to know about our Island, the Caribbean customs and culture, taste our traditional home made pastries, and fresh made beverages.
We will inform you of the Pirates who made our island a perfect hide out such as Sir. Henry Morgan and Cap. John Coxen
Come and also discover the largest display of Mayan figures on the island. A culture which still amazes us today. Also guest can chose to combine this tour with the HAWK’S EYE ECO HIKE TRAIL which is adjacent to the park A place from where visitors can enjoy panoramic sceneries of the North Side reserve from the height and habitat of the white tail hawk.

We provide the following activities

·Discover Roatan by 360 Degrees

·Roatan Highlights Tour

·Island Sight Seeing & Beach

·Hawk’s View Eco Hike & Beach

·Eco Caribbean Culture Park & Beach

Private Island Beach Day With Lunch

·Ethnic and Local Community Tours

We are open to special VIP tours request and are flexible to design tours to our guest request and satisfaction. Groups looking for exclusivity. Our venues have also been design with the consideration of guest with special mobility. Our goal is to serve all, by creating memorable moments for families and friends, which will be cherished for their lives
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